T5 Champion of Honorguard

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T5 Champion of Honorguard

Post  Admin on Mon Jun 15, 2015 12:45 am

I collected some basics for you since its clear you dont really got a hang of the mechanics yet.

Touch of Hyperborea:
Freezes all Players in a somewhat 180-190° cone in front of him.
Also freezes the highest in aggro per archtype (Rogue - Priest - Mage)!
Info for tanks:
This spell seems to reset aggro, use a goad (or whatever) after each touch of hyperborea to fix the problem.
Tanks can avoid the freeze while running behind the boss when cast comes up.

The amount of ppl getting frozen works like this:
3 until 66% - 6 until 35% - 9 till boss is dead

Focus of the Masochist:
Selects a target and charges it 3 secs later. Boss can target everyone except the aggroholder. players gets rooted at end of cast while boss performs charge itself, hold down sprint key and choose any direction to sprint away from boss immediately after you get hit from charge and can move again. he will do aoe right after initial charge dmg which will kill clothies and light armor if you dont have any bubbles.

Focus of the Sadist:
Comes after Focus of the Masochist, or as last in series of charges. Charges back to the aggroholder.
melees DONT chase boss to land some combos on this one, he does heavy aoe at end of charge, hits lots harder than masochist one!!

Rage Implosion:
Boss will trigger a massive Aoe if he can"t charge the targets
possible reasons: being too close to him, being too close to a wall or if he can't charge you because boss doesn't have line of sight

Eternal Winter:
Puts a snare and a blue circle on each player in whole raid. The circle indicates a personal aoe area. If players overlap each others circles they get dmg multiplied by amount of circles overlapping.
Its a rather long cast (about 6 secs), you get snared at start(use double tab forward!) and will be rooted at end of cast before aoe dmg hits you. Tanks save your bubbles for this to keep on boss! only run out as tank if you got no other choice cause it will put you well behind the others on aggro.
Comes at 75% - 66% - 50% - 35% - 25%

Very important: DONT have boss cast Touch of Hyperborea shortly before Eternal Winter!
if its a close call, stop dmg and do Touch of Hyperboria mechanics first!! otherwise it turns into a clusterfuck.

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