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Guardian in T5

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Redartin wrote:The recommended gear combination for those that are just starting in T5 would be T4 Fearless Souls big armor pieces and Courageous small pieces. Khitai/Uncahined gear can work nicely too because you don't need huge amounts of protection for any of T5 encounters.


As a guardian your job will be to tank the adds. They hit extremely hard but guardians are the best tanks to overcome it having so many defensive tools, especially due to aggro being locked you can focus your gear and AA choices to be as tanky as possible.

Aim for 18k+ HP at least and as much armor as possible. Try not to go below 58% mitigation.

Elusive Nature - Fortifying Empowerment
Empowered Vitality - Rear Guard
Stall The Advance

Preferably keep the boss targeted the entire fight to see 'They Hunger' and 'Bolts of Pure Ice' yourself.
Use Defense Tactic and Mental Barrier Maneuver.
When the adds are up always start with cunning deflection up to mitigate the initial hit and start by using Strike and Guard. It should be up for every add wave.
Keep Stall the advance and Last stand as your last resorts if priests don't manage to apply miss chance debuffs and you drop low.
If you're full T5 you can trigger armor set bonus by using Counterstrike with Defense Tactic, although it should't be needed nor it makes any real difference...

Beside tanking the adds you will most likely be on a duty taking care of Bolts of Pure Ice. You do it by running out and body blocking them before they reach the raid.


The boss does a mixture of crushing damage and fire damage. The best is to stick to your physical specc as fire hits are sporadic and meant to be deflected with your tools such as cunning/strike and guard. So most of the damage will be physical.
Your gear should have some protection, 26% to 30% protection should be enough but doable with less if you can't get that much with your physical specc. As an example I use full T5 set with Death Ward ring, and Vile Nativity hate cloak or Demigod Protection cloak.

Decisive Strikes - Pressing Strikes
Empowered Vit - Rear Guard
Counterweight - Deliberate Reprisal or Stall The Advance.

Tanking the boss will require good aggro switching so if you're comfortable with it or enough geared use Counterweight over Stall the Advance. It outperforms StA because StA would give you temporary aggro burst at the start locking out other tanks but gimp you in a long run versus DT's. Counterweight provides much more sustained aggro and provides smoother switching from the start that you can maintain for a longer period of time assuming that all the tanks know how to switch aggro properly.

There are a few important Vistrix spells for you to know about.

Master's Call - 4 players highest on aggro will have teleports spawned under their feet so in this case 4 tanks. Move out of them to the side. You won't get teleported instantaneously but don't try to stay in to finish your combos, always prioritize moving out. There will be 4 minion adds appearing from the teleports, so don't use Cry of Havoc at that point and let then be pulled away by range dps.

Dark Flames - a frontal cone spell that does fire damage, you don't have to do anything special about it.

Funeral Flames - it follows right after Dark Flames and does a huge fire damage hit on aggro holder. If there aren't enough players around to share the damage the spell will one shot everyone around including the aggro holder. The more players stand together the less it hits, tanks have to bunch up in a tight group and share the damage. Its extremely Important to keep Cunning deflection for 'Funeral Flames'. After you take the big hit it will apply the debuff that appears above your name, it explodes after 4 seconds dealing damage to everyone around yourself so tanks just try to spread out a bit. I prefer to keep Strike and guard for 'Funeral Flames' and back it up with Cunning deflection on top to absolutely minimize the damage, but you don't necessarily have to.

Rake - Its a nasty armor debuff. Comes usually right after Funeral Flames and it is supposed to be eaten by Dread Shadows but you can/should always drop aggro in case you get it.
The second approach could be to keep Strike and guard in case you get Rake but I'd suggest not to rely on that because it is more useful to keep it for Funeral Flames big hit as I explained before.

*If you feel you're low on protection you can help yourself by having a pair of protection weapons in your alternate weapon slots and quickly switch on 'Dark Flames' and use them to help yourself taking the big hit from 'Funeral Flames'.

The Champion

It is a unique encounter from aggro point of view hence it requires slightly different tanking approach. The boss has an 'aggro loop'. After the spell 'Touch of Hyperborea' the aggro holder is sent back to last aggro spot among Defensive Stance users so the 2nd on aggro becomes 1st and so on. Tanks alternate aggro in a loop like that. After you have tanked once you will have to work your way back up on aggro list and eventually become an aggro holder again after the reset on one of the next 'Touch of Hyperborea' casts.
You shouldn't need Call to Arms and Hateful Strikes when you have the boss on you but rather after you have tanked your 'round' to help you get back on track faster.

The boss doesn't hit hard, try to be as aggressive as possible and use the best aggro gear you have and physical specc.
It is very important that you push as much aggro as possible by chasing the boss even during the 'charge phase' and by always staying in on 'Endless Winter'.

Decisive Strikes - Pressing Strikes
Empowered Vit. - Rear Guard
Counterweight - Deliberate Reprisal (or Champion Spirit)

Counterweight performs way better on this boss. When you have aggro you won't benefit from StA burst as it will be pretty stable anyways. What you really need is an aggressive approach with as much damage and threat as possible when you don't have to boss on yourself.

Important spells to know about:

'Touch of Hyperborea'- resets aggro by sending you back to last among Defensive Stance users as explained before and Freezes players from each archetype. Soldiers can avoid being frozen by running out fast when they see the cast.

Focus the Masochist and Focus the Sadist - they are 2 charges that go one after another. Masochist goes on a random player and Sadist goes back to aggro holder. If you're targeted by Sadist run out and take it away from the rest of the raid because there is a huge AoE on the point of impact. If you're not tanking at that point try to chase the boss during the Masochist charge but NEVER follow the boss trying to do combos on Sadist charge. You will take a lot of unnecessary damage from AoE or even die if you're not full HP.

Endless Winter - big cold damage hit on each player in the raid. The damage multiplies with more players close to each other. The raid should spread around but you as a tank should preferably stay in and keep on hitting the boss with a couple of other tanks. It is important to keep and use Strike and Guard during 'Endless Winter' cast and use Cunning Deflection right after the cast is finished so it doesn't get removed by 'Sadistic Soul' prock before. *see Sadistic Soul explanation below

Sadistic Soul - just a buff that the boss has. It procks unholy damage ticks room wide on everyone in the raid and becomes more intense as the fight progresses.

Last 15% the boss will enter a 'charge phase' alternating Sadist and Masochist charge (see explanations above). Your job will be depending if you were the last aggro holder to take Sadist Charge on a designated spot or to kite the adds that are spawning from the entrance and exit doors. If you have to do the latter remember to always run to assigned healer for a blue heal. Remember Sadistic Soul will be hitting really strong at this point. Adds can be CC's and always keep in mind that you can be targeted by Masochist charge during this phase so be aware of it and ready to take it and not break the line of site with the pillar in the center of the room and trigger Rage Implosion. Rage implosion a huge unholy damage room wide AoE as a punishment for avoiding the charges and it can wipe the raid.


As a guardian you will be most likely tanking the boss together with one more soldier. It is a rather static fight but it requires strong aggro at the start and aggro switching.
The boss does a mixture of physical and magical damage. Just like Vistrix magical damage is sporadic and have to be deflected by cunning and strike and guard so use you're physical specc with some protection accessories like Death Ward or Demigod Cloak. But it depends on how much protection your armor pieces already have. The Fearless Souls big armor pieces should do the job or T3 big pieces.

Decisive Strikes - Pressing Strikes (other options could be either Elusive Nature or Chormatic Warding)
Empowered Vit. - Rear Guard
Stall the Advance or Counterweight (whatever you prefer, I use counterweight if I tank with another guard)

The boss has 3 phases and just alternates those, the spell called 'Creation' indicates the end of the phase and start of a new one.

1st Phase:
She will do only physical damage. The attacks are almost 180 frontal cone so it is important to keep the boss facing away form the raid just like Arbanus.

2nd Phase:
During this phase the boss will gain a health tap buff and do unholy AoE called 'Blades of the dark sun'. You can use Strike and guard at the beginning phase and cunning deflection on AoE's.

3rd Phase:
This is the trickiest phase. Right upon entering this phase Kyllikki will cast a spell called 'Time fades away' on her aggro holder. It is a 20 seconds timer bomb that does a huge unholy single target hit and the icon appears above your name. The boss cast Time fades away faster than the bomb's cooldown so as long as you keep solo tanking during this phase the bombs will overwrite each other and only the last one will explode. So don't try to switch aggro during this phase.
Dealing with the bomb - Once you get the last bomb you will have to be prepared to survive the explosion. As the timer reaches 10 seconds use Strike and Guard and pop Juggernaut, use Cunning deflection right before it explodes (2-1 seconds before) otherwise the boss will remove it from you. Additionally you can have a secondary pair of weapons with protection and do weapon swap before the explosion.

The boss will be hitting first 2 players on aggro list it is very important to have 2 tanks on the boss all the time but try not to switch aggro during the 3rd phase cause of the bombs.
Keep your bubble as the last resort, preferably if you accidentally mess up the bombs.

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