T6 Questline

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T6 Questline

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1. Talk to the Aquilonian Envoy in Khemi (1135, 850) across the water next to where you go to Khitai, Turan, etc. He will give you the quest "Royally Requisitioned".

2. Locate the Lady Zelandara - go to Palace of Cetriss courtyard in Dragonspine. I would suggest binding your path of Asura to Cetriss courtyard temporarily at this time to cut down on travel time.

3. Talk to Neesa

4. From Neesa get "Hawks Over Stygia"
    - Find the Raider Caves
    - Kill Desert Raiders (Cool
    - Kill the Desert Raider's Leader

5. Since the quest objectives are next to each other, grab from Shamrina (she's next to Neesa) the quest "Separated"
     -Look for clues as to Wardiya's whereabouts

6. Head north towards the Oasis in Dragonspine, I suggest doing the "Separated" quest step first, click on a glowy water jar at (775, 1085)

7. Go back to the oasis, and hop in the water and swim to a cave under water, while underwater, take the left path.

8. Wardiya will be at the water's edge when you resurface, talk to her to update the "Separated" quest, to finish this quest you will talk to Shamrina back at the Cetriss courtyard, but don't do that yet.

9. For "Hawks over Stygia" go past Wardiya and turn towards the right, pass a wooden bridge. There you will kill the raiders and their leader. Might need another person with you depending on your class.

10. Will now get quest update to report to Neesa, go back to Cetriss courtyard. You should then turn in the "Separated" quest to Shamrina.

11. Zelandra will now give you quest "Who is the Wretched One"
     - talk to Neesa
     - talk to Heng Shih
     - talk to Shamrina
     - talk to Wardiya
         - go to tent in corner of Cetriss courtyard and click on Wardiya's footlocker
     - find and confront Wardiya
         - go back to the underwater cave from earlier

12. Go back to Cetriss courtyard to tell Zelandra about the spy

13. From Zelandra get quest "A Deadly Habit"
     - talk to Zelandra in Palace of Cetriss Lobby
     - "End the Threat of the Desert Raiders" will update when Yothians are killed

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