Necro in T5

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Necro in T5

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The purpose of this fight is try to dps as hard as you can the adds when they spawn while you try to kep your mana high enough especially every second brood call because after this they hunger will be casted.You need to try and time death god buff from SW while the adds are up to maximise the efficiency of the dps on them.When you see boss casting they hunger be ready to active block.Also from some small testing we did,we got in conclusion that archmagus pets will work better than despoil the soul in many occasions in this fight.

Note:While SW you need to be carefull of the stacks of mana drain you are getting I, would advise if you have 4 or more stacks to wait until it times out and then go SW again.


Its important to have funeral rites perked

In this fight we will be at the boss dpsing it full time.Using melee pets work pretty good in that fight.
As the fight start dont start dpsing immediatelly wait for the first master call and then go,while dpsing the boss try to help pulling adds every time they spawn and you can one shot 3 of them with funeral rites.Also make sure you are behind the group while its your turn to use bane and try to spread a bit when heart of fire is being casted although as necro most likely you wont get it.

Note:If we are sort on demos there is a chance you will be put to teleport groups,you need to know that you can only use despoli the soul there since by teleporting,your pets wont get the buff and they will die from retributive dmg as soon as they touch the adds.


Lets take this step by step.
1)You will need to use some constitution gear in this fight like amra's pride,death ward etc... try to reach over 9k health.
2)Mage pets will be better since the boss is moving alot
3)From AA I find better to use supreme lich instead of chilling breath due to faster ice strikes and that 10% of unholy protection

Now lets start with the tactic:

1)If you are assign to the first frozen group you will need to go at your position and try to dps the boss as soon as it gets pulled,when you get frozen have your pets dpsing the boss.That necro will continue to dps normal the boss, of course dont overdo it and pull aggro.

2)If you are not assigned to the first freeze group but the second you dont touch the boss until first mage gets the freeze also try to keep your dps abits lower from the first mage while you maintain it because after 66% of the boss you will go with the second group and gets frozen aswell.

3)If you are not assigned to a freeze group at all you will need to maintain lower dps from the mage 1 and 2 so you can slack alot :zzz:

4)When you are getting charged be ready to run at the spesific spot etc...

Note:Its helpfull especially after 50% of the boss to have some health potion running due to the damage we get.Also no need for SW at all since this fight is a matter of control than dps.


In this fight again its really helpfull to use funeral rites for the little wolves that spawn.Here you can go full monkey mode in dps,despoil the soul is the best here.

Lets start with the fight:

1)When the tanks trigger kylliki at the middle, you dps her but you always stay at her back due to cone damage she does also be carefull not to pull aggro because you will most likely kill many including yourself due to the cone.

2)The mighty templars will be pulling adds and running them to different altars depending the buff these adds have.Your job as a necro is when they call to go the middle altar and wait them to come and then you can nuke as hard as you can.ITS VERY VERY IMPORTANT TO LET THE TANKS GET THE ADDS INSIDE THE AREA OF THE ALTAR AND LET THEM FINISH A COMBO ON THEM BEFORE YOU FULL NUKE THEM

3)After middle altar you go to the third altar and be ready to nuke adds there aswell.These adds have retributive damage but as a necro you wont have probelm to full dps them.Its important again to let the tanks position adds and finish a combo on them.

4)When the adds are dead on third altar you go dps the boss until its time to go to the middle altar again.

5)At different % of the boss she will cast some tornadoes that you will have to avoid or you will put some ice to the floor that do a lot of dmg to everyone who steps on it.

note:During the fight you will be one shotting minions whenever you have funeral rites out of cd.

Secret tactic for special players is to take care of snow and sorrow.To do that you need to be the furthest away from kylliki(try not to be too close to the walls or altars or it gets bugged and you get ignored from the boss and cant take it anymore for the rest of the fight).When she starts casting it you get the animation and some buff above your name with 3-4s, after she finish it you put it to the ground,you will need to put it at the corners and near walls.Try not to put it somewhere that you will block tanks that might need to kite adds for abit.Also if you are fast enough you can put more than 1 snow and sorrow at the same place.

Edit: If something is wrong feel free to correct it.

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